Gentaro Masuda is a Japanese painter living in Berlin. Soon after finishing his study in mathematics and physics in Germany, he rapidly developed his career as a painter, participating in art fairs and group exhibitions in Germany, beginning with his first solo exhibition in April 2022 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. His works depict the physical and psychological effects on people under social transitions from a neutral perspective. Through his reconstruction of memories in painting, he explores the cause and effect of unconscious values that bind our actions.


Modern society has made great technological and economic progress, and in the midst of this development and change, we adapt to the new society by changing our values and behavioral norms. Namely, we are “metamorphosing” ourselves. However, it is questionable whether our changes are as orderly as a larva becoming a chrysalis, and a chrysalis becoming an imago. In an increasingly complex society, there are those who are left behind, those who are unable to change, and end up in strange forms. My works make the viewer aware of the enormous strange structure behind our society and also highlight our struggle as we contemplate, adapt, metamorphose, and propel societal evolution in an increasingly intricate world.



14.-17. December: The Paper Edition of Berlin Affordable Art Market, POP KUDAM, Germany
8.-10. December:
BAAM (Berlin Affordable Art Market), Berlin, Germany
1. October- :
“Strangeness and Charm”, Saint-Johannes-Church, Colbitz, Lindhorst, Germany
15. – 17. September:
Art Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
8. September – 15. November:
Group Exhibition “Time is running out” in Notagallery, Berlin, Germany


9. – 10. December: Pop-Up-Galerie, Kunst auf dem Hof in Randau, Magdeburg, Germany
1. June – 29. October: “Bedtime Story”  in Xampanyeria, Magdeburg, Germany
11. – 13. September: Art Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
25. – 28. August: Kunst/Mitte, Central German Contemporary Art Fair, Young Artist Space, Magdeburg, Germany
27. – 31. July: Group Exhibition in Galerie Tenjin, Art Friends, Fukuoka, Japan.
10. April -10. June: “Build” in Restaurant Z, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


1. September 2022: “Art Kreuzberg -Gentaro Masuda-” | No. 242 Kreuzberger Chronik

1. June 2022: “Künstler ist inspiriert vom Magdeburger Industriecharme” | Volksstimme

24. Mai 2022: “Z steht nicht für Krieg, sondern füe Leben: Ausstellung in Kreuzberger Restaurant” | Tagesspiegel Checkpoint

14. April 2022: “Zyklus von Bau, Zerstörung und Wiederaufbau: „Build” von Gentaro Masuda” | Tagesspiegel Bezirke


April 2022: M.Sc. Mathematics, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany


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